Sound Design

For games and movies,
Alan Dalcastagne


  1. Graduated from the Game Audio Academy audio school. Largest game audio school in Brazil with a half year program focused specifically on audio for games with extensive practical material.
  2. Unreal Engine 5 (UE5): The Complete Beginner's Course Udemy introductory course to Unreal, teaching all the basics of the game engine.
  3. Associate Degree in software development Two-year study focused on the practical part of software development.
  4. Bachelor's Degree in Systems Analysis and Development.


Dark Swords Firelink

For this game I made sounds of Enemies, Spells, attacks, environment, character movement, attacks, and the logo.

"Unleash the power of the dark sword to defeat enemies and save the kingdom."


Eternal Remnant: The First Chapter

For this game i did 12 different soundscapes, forests, night, wind, tavern cave, and another scenarios.

"Dive into the unforgettable tale of two siblings on the run in this emotional RPG journey."


Beyond Doors

For this game i did the character sound effects, objects, and speels, also the music's from a pack of mine.

"Caleb woke up in a mystical dimension after experiencing burnout in his job."


Pongo 17

For this game i did sound effects of collisions, and complex sci-fi animations, also, some music is from a pack of mine.

"Retro Futuristic 3D Pong enhanced with 17 points and a challenging AI."


Shadow of the Orient

For this game i did sound effects of the main character, creatures, Environment, and loots.

"Shadow of the Orient is a 2d action adventure platformer game with fully customizable touch controls"


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